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IKEBANA is a style of Japanese flower arranging. You don`t have to practise Ikebana to use one of our dishes. It is a nice simple way to have great looking arrangements with a minimum of effort. The beauty of Ikebana is that you don`t need lots of flowers, and you can make a nice looking display very easily. Of course once you become familiar with this style of floral arrangement you might want to learn more about this historic art form. There are three main schools of Ikebana, Sogetsu, Ohara and Ikenobo.

Each school has its own rules and ethics, there are also Ikebana clubs. Ikebana has a long and distinguished history, dating back to the 6th Century when Buddhist monks offered floral tributes to Buddah. 

All our dishes are hand made in our Kent Studio.

We work in Stoneware and Raku. Each design can be repeated, but every pot is individual, and made with care. We have been making pottery since 1977.

It is likely that we will not take part in any shows during 2017, so if you would like to have one of our dishes then we can always mail it to you.

We will be having an Open Studio on May 13th. 14th 10 til 5pm to celebrate our 40th year of pottery making here in Sellindge.

We will have lots of pots for sale including Domesticware, Clay Clocks, Indoor water features, and of course our Ikebana Dishes.

Credit/Debit cards accepted.

Simplicity is the key.


Use distorted hazel or twisted willow to compliment a single bloom.

Raku is an old Japanese technique. Pots are removed from the kiln at 1000 degs C. Thermal shock causes the glaze to crack. They are put into sawdust which creates carbon and delineates the crackles.

We run very popular Raku days at our studio, to find out more visit



Faults & Blemishes are part of the containers natural destiny.




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